Our Rescue Dogs ... and their Greeting Card Fame

October 18, 2012  •  4 Comments

Oooo how very remiss of me, I suddenly realized this morning that I hadn't introduced you as yet to our wonderful rescue dogs and the stars of many of my Greeting Cards. So without further ado please meet our dogs. Left to right as you look at the photo they are Jack, Ollie, Sally and Rocky.

Jack Ollie Sally Rocky

Rocky was the first dog we adopted, he came from Dogs Trust. We adopted him about 12 years ago as a 16 week old puppy.  I can still remember how very excited I was when we went to collect him from Dogs Trust. He arrived in our house this energetic crazy ball of strange looking fluff and bowled himself right into our hearts. It's impossible now to remember life before dogs! He is of course the star of my best selling birthday card The Dog Nose mentioned in an earlier blog post.

95BirthdayRaspberry Sally, the tan coloured girl, also came from Dogs Trust. She came into our lives 11 years ago. We were told she was between two and three years old when we adopted her, which makes her a mature lady of nearly 14 now. 

She had not had an easy time of it prior to being rescued. She had been badly treated then abandoned and left as a stray where she must have spent quite some time fending for herself.  Thank goodness Dogs Trust found her and took her on. And now, from the rather timid young lady we first adopted, she has developed into the most loyal and trusting girl, definitely the best behaved of our muttley crew, and a bit of a daddy's girl. And of course, she too is a super star in the world of Greeting Cards.


Then came the teeny weeny puppy, Ollie, adopted about six years ago from Hereford and Worcester Animal Rescue.  When we first got him he was just oh so tiny and he was jet black.  I'm not sure what it says about life in our family, but after a couple of months he'd turned grey!

He's still quite a tiny little fella, and I've lost count of the times I've been out with all the dogs, only to hear passers by say, "Oh look at that scruffy little one at the back", and that of course would be our darling little Ollie.  Everything about Ollie always makes people smile. His looks, the way he runs, his attitude, his unbelievably endearing qualities, just everything about him makes you smile and despite being six years old now, I think he will always be our baby.HumorousBirthdayCard-PupDemonstratingROFL


And finally, about five years ago, we adopted little Jack from Four Paws Animal Rescue. He was about two years old when we adopted him and was without a doubt the most traumatized of all our rescue pups. He had clearly experienced some extreme hurt prior to being rescued. He was so frightened and insecure. 

You cannot force an anxious dog to change overnight. It takes a lot of time and patience, and a great deal of love to gradually bring them around and to help them understand that they are now safe and loved and always will be.

I'm not going to pretend it was easy, we certainly struggled at times, however, slowly but surely, our lovely little boy did indeed come around. It was such a joy to see him gradually change, to see him start to realize how much fun life could be. He is definitely the most affectionate of the bunch. They are all very loving, but Jack, well he just likes to be snuggled up the closest most of the time. The chair I use to sit at the computer I rarely have to myself, curled up right behind me will be a gently snoring Jack, just happy to be tucked in and close. The space left for me to sit on leaves a little to be desired, but I'm getting used to being perched on the very edge of the chair whilst I'm working, perhaps it even helps me to stay focused, who knows!

Jack features in quite a few of my Greeting Cards not only does he love the attention he gets when I'm photographing him but the extra treats are highly appreciated too! And of course, he IS such a very photogenic little guy. 



Sarah & Teagan(non-registered)
What a gorgeous bunch - it looks like there will always be at least one pup just right for whatever photo opportunity!
Natalie, how precious your special little crew is. I am so pleased to make their acquaintance! Thanks so much for the introduction!
Doreen Erhardt(non-registered)
Hi Natalie, Jack, Ollie, Sally & Rocky!

LOVED meeting your canine family Natalie and I of course was one of the few who did know of your love and compassion for rescue dogs. My PAWSitively PETrageous website is under major redo, but I had just given you a feature on one of the pages to show off your talent and rescued friends!

I also thought I'd share link to a photo of my rescued girl. She too was rescued as a puppy ... found with her dead mother and siblings in an abandoned vehicle, near death herself. We adopted her from our local rescue organization and love her very much (our pets have always been rescues).

Here is a link to Ossa: http://www.flickr.com/photos/34356472@N04/8100639707/in/photostream/lightbox/

Here is the link to the feature: http://pawsitivelypetrageous.weebly.com/greeting-cards.html

Enjoyed your blog and meeting your family!

eva / krasilni razbor(non-registered)
So cute! Their eyes say it all!
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